Melania Trump denies ever doing a day’s work in her life

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Melania Trump has strenuously denied ever doing a proper day’s work in her entire life.

Following allegations that she broke the terms of her tourist visa in the 1990s by undertaking paid work, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has launched an emphatic rebuttal.

Taking to Twitter, the Slovenian-born former model said: “There has been a lot of inaccurate reporting and misinformation concerning my immigration status back in 1996.

“Let me set the record straight,” she continued, “I have never done an honest day’s work in my entire life.

“People that look like me don’t get to where we are today by toiling for a measly wage like the rest of you scum.

“I basically get given free money just to exist. Any allegation to the contrary is simply untrue.”

The accusation that she may have broken immigration laws is an embarrassment for her husband, who has placed immigration at the centre of his campaign for election and has previously pointed to his wife as a shining example of how immigration should be done.

However, it is not predicted to cause any major damage to the campaign with many of his supporters expressing sympathy towards Mrs Trump.

“It’s just an example of typical left-wing media bias against the Trump movement,” said Cletus O’Hick, an avid supporter of the billionaire.

“Let’s look at the facts here. Firstly, she’s white, so she’s perfectly within her rights to do as she pleases in this great country of ours.

“And second, anyone who has to touch Donald’s grisly ginger micro-penis has more than earned their right to citizenship in my opinion.”