Hilarious misunderstanding after Lady Gaga is asked to put the kettle on

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Hilarious consequences have ensued after Lady Gaga misinterpreted a request to put the kettle on as a suggestion for her new stage outfit.

The eccentric pop chanteuse is noted for her choice of headgear, including a lobster and a telephone, and took to request to mean she don the kettle as a hat and prance about a bit.

Needless to say, everyone fell around laughing.

Entourage member Simon Will.I.Ams told us that people paid to tell Lady Gaga that she’s right found the incident hilarious.

“We all just wanted a cup of tea, but when we asked her to pop the kettle on she took this as a request to show off her zany and original dress sense,” he told us in return for cold hard cash.

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“It was so successful that ‘Morphy Richards Chapeau’ is to form the basis of her next tour.”

Rumours abound tonight that a request Gaga ‘put the breakfast on’ will result in her looking like Madonna in a frock made of bacon in twenty years time.