Google Doodle ‘Fruit Games’ in disarray following drug allegations

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The Google Doodle fruit games were thrown into disarray on their first day after a number of Goji berries, the hotly tipped so-called “superfoods”, tested positive for any number of banned substances.

A number of other fruits were also understood to have fallen under suspicion, including a Guava, two prickly pears and a tomato which some feel ought never to have been allowed to enter in the first place because “most people think it’s actually a vegetable.”

Head of the Fruit Games Committee, Dr Canaan Banana, told NewsThump, “We are taking these allegations extremely seriously.

“In any sports event there are bound to be a few bad apples. However, we understand the apples have now withdrawn, muttering to themselves.”

But some feel they have been “sold a lemon”, with Dr Banana’s remarks leaving a sour taste.

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“Frankly, Dr Banana’s reassurances are a load of rhubarb,” said Fruit Games medical adviser, Harry Lime.

“He doesn’t give a fig for fair play as long as he can remain in his plum job.”

In other news, an orange has withdrawn halfway round the road race, claiming that it had “run out of juice.”