Bank of England clearly a bunch of pussies like all Remainers

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The Bank of England has cut interest rates because they’re a pack of ninnies in need of a safe place.

The so-called “experts” made the decision amidst an apparently worsening economy, which probably isn’t even a real thing and has just been made up to scare sheeple like you.

“Bunch of scaredy-cats,” scoffed Simon Williams, a keen Brexiteer.

“I can still afford a pint, and The Sun is still for sale at a very reasonable price, so I really don’t see what all this pant-wetting is about.

“I don’t really think the interest rate has gone down. I’m still very interested in the news, so there.”

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Bank of England spokesperson, Elizabeth King, said, “We’re all rather frightened, I must admit.

“But it’s the same sort of fear you’d have if a massive boulder being pushed by angry wasps was rolling toward you; yes it’s a fear, but it’s a very much justified fear of what is definitely happening right at that moment.”

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