People who blamed everything on EU before referendum now angry if anything blamed on Brexit

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People who hold the EU responsible for everything that’s gone wrong in their lives have voiced their anger at the merest suggestion that the vote for Brexit is having a negative effect on the UK.

With Theresa May adamant that Brexit means Brexit and Boris Johnson insisting that arse means elbow, Leave supporters have been quick to pour scorn on anyone expressing concerns about what the future holds.

“Bremaniac traitor scum should stop talking our country down,” said committed patriot Simon Williams.

“We should hang them all from lampposts and feed their internal organs to the pigeons.”

The UK’s youth have expressed particular concerns that their future has been decided by the older generation.

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“It’s like being given an inheritance I can only spend in BHS,” one concerned student told us.

Angry Brexiteers have dismissed these concerns and insisted that the future of Great Britain should “Stop moaning, you lazy know-nothing cunts!”

Reports of a massive increase in race hate crimes, since the UK voted to leave, have also been rubbished and anyone fearful of the future told to “Shut up, you bad loser vermin bastards!”.

“It’s ridiculous to say that all Leave voters are racist,” insisted Mr Williams.

“You might have a case for saying all racists voted Leave, but that’s not the point.

“Twats that voted Remain should respect democracy and keep their mouths shut!”

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