Everyone confused about whether liking Rick Astley is still ironic or not

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Baffled pop fans across the country are seeking clarification or whether or not in 2016 liking Rick Astley is considered ironic, or not.

“I just don’t know anymore,” said hipster prick Simon Williams.

“I mean, for years I’ve had Never Gonna Give You Up as an ironic ringtone, and whenever one of my bearded twat mates called me, everyone would look up from their frappa-mocha-latte-ramalamadingdong-chinos and give me that rueful smile, like – ‘That Simon, he’s so ironic with his Rick Astley ringtone’.

“Now, we just don’t know. It’s a bloody nightmare.”

The confusion has come about as a result of the warm reviews for Rick’s recent gospel-tinged number one smash album 50.

“I mean, it’s a bit Radio 2, but it’s basically pretty good,” said Mr Williams.

“Or, at least I think it is, but maybe I’m just being ironic. It’s so confusing.

“All I know is that now when my phone rings people look at me like – ‘Rick Astley, I don’t know what statement Simon is trying to make with his ringtone’ – it’s fundamentally disappointing.”

However, until a final ruling is given on whether liking Rick Astley is ironic or not, Mr Williams has a solution.

“Yeah, I’ll probably just make my ringtone a U2 song, it’s the only way to be sure people know I’m being ironic.”