Donald Trump receives endorsement from Dick Dastardly

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After The Simpsons endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump has secured his own highly-prized cartoon endorsement from the ever popular Dick Dastardly.

The double-dealing do-badder, is on record as being willing to nab, jab, stab and grab to achieve his objectives, and is widely regarded as being a pariah in political circles for his extremist views, but admitted he is grateful for the endorsement from Mr Dastardly.

In 2007, Dastardly was named as a war crimes suspect for activities during his time with the notorious Vulture Squadron, and announced he is extremely supportive of Trump’s public position of being happy to commit war crimes himself.

Dastardly took to the screens to praise the Republican nominee as being the only candidate capable of planting sufficient booby traps for other nations that would allow America to thrive.

He told viewers, “As a vicious demagogue who is perfectly happy to use people to achieve his aims, I see a lot of myself in Donald Trump.

“He first came to my attention after he used a huge box labelled ‘TNT’ to knock the Ant Hill Mob out of the Indianapolis 500, I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

“We’re already in talks to see if can help me build a wall just before the finishing line of the next Wacky Race.”

Trump himself has welcomed the endorsement, taking to Twitter to tell his followers, “I love Dick”.