Zika Virus: Donald Trump pledges ‘Mosquito Wall’ on US/Brazil border

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US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has pledged to build a fifteen-foot high ‘Mosquito Wall’ in order to protect Americans from the Zika Virus.

“It will be made from the best chicken wire,” he said.

“American chicken wire, made by Americans. It will keep the mosquitoes out, and any that are already here – well, we’ll just send ‘em home.”

Scientific experts reacted with scepticism that a fence made from chicken wire would stop determined insects.

“He’s bloody barking mad,” one professor of epidemiology said.

“Even if they made it out of proper mosquito netting, it’d have to be higher than fifteen bloody feet. And there’s no border between the US and Brazil anyway. The man’s an idiot.

“Or is there?” he queried. “I don’t know. I’m from Ohio. Best just use the quote about the height, and the suitability of chicken wire. I’m pretty sure about that bit.”

Mr Trump, however, dismissed the experts’ concerns.

“It stops the mosquitoes; any that are here – we send ‘em back,” he repeated.

“And any virus that does break out, we just come up with a cure.

“Inventing a cure; I’d speak to the scientists. It’d take me an hour; an hour-and-a-half to understand it. How difficult can it be?”