John Terry attends 1966 anniversary gala in full vintage England kit, demands winner’s medal

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Ex-England captain John Terry attended a gala to commemorate the 1966 England World Cup win wearing a full 1966 England football strip.

“It was a bit embarrassing,” said an onlooker.

“They were having a photo taken of everyone who played in the final, when before anyone knew what’s happened, John Terry’s got himself dressed up in a full vintage kit and tried to get himself in the photo.”

Initially, some of the team made light of the intrusion but Mr Terry’s insistence on holding a replica World Cup trophy above his head shouting, ‘I’m captain, I’m best,’ eventually began to try the patience of those gathered, and he was asked to leave.

“It was awful, he said he wanted a winner’s medal,” continued the witness.

“He said that even though he wasn’t there at the final, as a member of the England football team he definitely deserved a medal and he wasn’t going until he got one.”

Mr Terry gave his side of the story as he made his way to the disabled spot where he was parked.

“All I’m saying is I played for England loads, so I definitely deserve a medal.

“I thought I could have Bobby Moore’s?”