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Man drowns after taking homeopathic overdose

bathtub homeopathy

A man who took an overdose of homeopathic medicine was reported dead by drowning by medics this morning.

Homeopaths often advise caution as their remedies can prove fatal if taken in the wrong doses, with as little as ten to twelve gallons being enough to kill a full-grown man fully submerged for more than two minutes.

Simon Williams, 28, is understood to have filled his bath with homeopathic remedies as well as a cap full of Matey bubblebath and a rubber duck, in what homeopathic practitioners are describing as simply a ‘terrible accident’.

Health campaigners have demanded tighter regulations on Homeopathic medicines in the wake of the death, which Mr Williams got straight out of the tap without any restrictions or controls.

Mr Williams is understood to have taken the overdose after a girl in the next street become homeopathically pregnant as a result of him having a wank in the shower.

However, homeopaths have rejected the need for greater regulation, insisting that their products are perfectly safe so long as you don’t drink  take more than a pint or two at a time.

“The correct way to take homeopathic remedies is in tiny little bottles that set you back the fat end of fifty quid or so,” a spokesman for the Committee for Administering Scientific Homeopathy (CASH) told us.

“If you just fill a bathtub with homeopathy that actually dilutes the effectiveness.

“Which is ironic, when you think about it.”

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