“See? The economy grew 0.6%” beams calendar-challenged Brexiter

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A Brexit supporter who struggles to read a calendar reckons that Brexit helped the economy grow, according to sources this afternoon.

The UK economy grew by 0.6% in the three months leading up to the end of June- the final week of which came directly after the Brexit decision.

“See? Everything’s brilliant,” said Simon Williams, a Brexiter from Plymouth.

“The economy sprang to life the moment it heard we would be free from those Euro-bastards; the economy being a sentient being, of course.

“The fact that only a few days of the period being measured actually fell within the aftermath of the referendum is neither here nor there if you ask me, and to suggest that it is, probably means you’re some kind of hippy, Euro-loving salad munching precious snowflake who needs to get over it.

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“Everything. Is. Brilliant.”

Economist, Jay Cooper, explained, “that’s not really an accurate reflection of what’s happened here.

“But then I am an economist and therefore an expert, so you probably shouldn’t listen to me.”

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