ISIS claims responsibility for attacks in Pontypandy

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ISIS have claimed responsibility for every single incident in all of the 200 episodes of Fireman Sam.

The claims date back to 1984, long before so-called ISIS was even invented.

“Why do you think there are so many fires in Pontypandy?” Said local Imam Hasal Al Jones.

“I’ve radicalised every single one of these buggers. Most have been sent to ‘Veils in the Valleys’ terror training camps.

“Did you really think that Norman was making Stink Bombs from his Chemistry Set? Some acts are a little bit less than terror, like stealing residents cats, you will see this in the ‘lost cat’ episode.

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“It all help towards our cause though, anything to bring down the Western capitalist pig-dogs.”

When questioned on why ISIS were so keen to bring Pontypandy to their knees, the Imam wasn’t even sure.

He went on, “The thing about Pontypandy is that, despite ISIS’ best efforts, that pesky fireman always saves the day.

“Our actions are essentially pointless, I think the management would be very cross indeed if they could see the poor results we’re seeing in a fictitious plasticine stop gap animated town.”

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