Tuesday 26 July 2016 by Hannah Flynn

Northern benefit claimants ignoring the needs of working Londoners

Unhappy middle class family

Working class northerners are out of touch with the needs of middle-class people in London, according to researchers studying the EU referendum result.

Accused of living in an ‘echo chamber’, people who blamed the EU for all of their problems failed to predict the anger that would be directed towards them when they voted for a financial, political and social upheaval inflicted upon residents of the capital.

Londoner Simon Williams told us, “It was just so selfish of them to vote Leave.

“Going on and on about how unhappy they were with their low wages, standards of living, and austerity; all while Brexit could knock tens of thousands off the value of my home.”

However, Derek Bottomley and an ex-postal worker from Rochdale told us, “All I wanted was to be able to get a wage high enough to support my family, and clearly, the EU was at the root of that particular problem.

“But now I hear about this chap Simon, whose three-bed semi with no off-street parking could be worth less than three-quarters of a million pounds? Heartbreaking.

“Why did no-one explain this might happen? I feel like I’ve been lied to.”

London’s middle-class workers concerned they might be ‘sent back to where they came from’ are venting anger that their needs have been ignored in favour of a group they consider to be ‘workshy racists’.

“I heard we send £500 million a week up north to those ignorant, six-fingered fuckwits, and if we kept it all we might have a chance of affordable housing in the capital,” said Seema Patel, a teacher in Camden.

“I used to feel sorry for people whose grandfather’s had lost their job down t’pit, but now quite frankly they are on their own.

“Let’s devolve the bastards and take all their money,” she concluded.

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