Brexiter who wanted ‘freedom from EU tyranny’ furious people might disagree with him

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A Brexit supporter who wanted to leave the ‘tyranny of EU’ due to its ‘undemocratic tendencies’ and ‘restrictions on our sovereign freedoms’, isn’t that keen on people saying things he doesn’t agree with, according to sources today.

Brexit fan Larry Bey insisted it was time to leave an organisation that prevented us from exercising our national freedoms, before insisting that anyone who disagrees with him is an arse.

Larry has been angrily commenting on social media against anyone who dares to take an opposing view to his own, hiding his anger behind a transparent veil of passive aggressive phrases such as ‘special snowflakes’ ‘cry baby libtards’ and ‘we won, I couldn’t be happier’.

An expert on human behaviour, Simon Williams, told us, “You don’t have to have a psychology degree to spot that no, actually, he could be happier.

“Happy people don’t go around the Internet posting comments about ‘losers who don’t know what they’re talking’ about before signing off with a smiley.

“The man is clearly furious that people are still taking a position that is contrary to his own, and that they insist on voicing that opinion in a democratic manner in a place where they are free to do so. Why he finds that so infuriating is anyone’s guess.

“Despite claiming to be basking in the glow of his referendum victory, he instead gets angry and hammers out responses into his keyboard, before re-writing them with his favourite phrases about the ‘butthurt snowflakes’ and a couple of laughing emoticons.

“However, behind the comment, literally everyone reading it can see that his blood pressure is clearly going through the roof.

“I’m beginning to think he’ll only be truly happy when everyone agrees that he’s brilliant and steadfastly refuses to question anything he ever says.

“If only there was a name for a society that runs along those lines.”