Tyrion Lannister to get own spinoff show ‘The Even Littler Hobo’

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Game of Thrones character Tyrion Lannister is to star in his own spinoff series, The Even Littler Hobo.

The show was announced at Comic-Con yesterday, with a trailer expected online in the next few days.

The Even Littler Hobo will feature Tyrion trotting from town to town accompanied only by a photogenic puppy and a bevvy of prostitutes, looking for a place to settle down but instead ‘making some new friends and having an adventure’ before moving on again.

In every episode, he’ll get drunk, fornicate, and solve a life problem of a lost and lonely waif before leaving in his endless quest for a final home.

Speaking at the TELH panel at comic-con, showrunner Simon Williams told fans the original concept had been entirely different, with Tyrion, Jon Snow, Jamie and Cersei Lannister and a cowardly direwolf driving round in a van solving mysteries.

However, producers felt uncomfortable about scenes where the gang split up and Jamie and Cersei went off to ‘look for clues’.

“Then we felt an episodic format where Tyrion uses his charm, wisdom and capacity for hard liquor to fix people’s problems was a strong, standalone concept,” he said before bursting into the show’s theme song.

“There’s some whores, who keep on calling me
In the inn, that’s where I’ll always be
Ev’ry stop I make, I go off on a bender
Can’t stay for long, just down in one and I’m off again.
Maybe tomorrow, I’ll wanna sober up,
Until tomorrow, I’ll just seek wine to sup.”

When asked if Tyrion would have a love interest, Simon said, “Yes, by the hour.”