Liberal Democrat party found down back of a settee

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The Liberal Democrat party has been found down the back of a settee where they had been lost for over a year.

The Lib Dems hadn’t been seen since June 2005, leading to the nation sort-of vaguely wondering where they’d gone.

37-year-old Simon Williams of Kettering discovered the party had slipped behind his sofa cushions while watching Peppa Pig with his children yesterday.

He described how the party got there as a ‘mystery’ but said it felt quite nice to get it cleared up.

“There was this excited squeaking from behind me; it turns out Tim Farron really likes it when Daddy Pig jumps in a puddle and was trying to see. When I fished him out all the rest of the party were there too – even Nick Clegg, who had an old Werther’s Original and a bus ticket stuck to him,” he told us.

“I’d occasionally wondered why I hadn’t seen them recently so it was nice to finally clear that up. There was £4.73 in change too, which was even more useful.

“They asked if they’d missed anything important and I told them nothing they could have done anything about,” he said.

“I didn’t have the heart to tell them, the poor dears.”

Mr Williams made the party a packed lunch before taking them round to their office and making sure they were settled and ok.