Britain First find links between radical Islam and Jack the Ripper

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Following Britain First’s sensational revelation that the Munich murderer had links to ISIS despite having absolutely no links to ISIS, the popular far-right brain donors have claimed to have found links between Jack the Ripper and ISIS.

“Yeah, that Jack the Ripper,” said a Britain First spokes-moron.

“That was all the Muslims, definitely.”

Although the moron was unable to produce any hard evidence to the fact, he went on to confirm that it was ‘just common sense’.

Perhaps more sensationally, the racist buffoons also claim to have found links to radical Muslims from Doctor Crippen, Ted Bundy and Hannibal Lecter.

“Yeah, that lot, that was the Muslims. They were all either Muslims or they were controlled by Muslims, who made them do the murders and stuff.”

Emboldened by uncovering links between radical Islam and numerous murderers, Britain First are now looking into wider events.

“We think that there are loads, and loads of things that have happened because of Muslims but it’s never got out because of the liberal elite.

“The Great Fire of London, the San Francisco earthquake, the extinction of the dinosaurs, faking the moon-landings, changing Marathons to Snickers.

“We’re pretty sure all of them were because of Muslims.”

The moron from Britain First also went on to deny that its followers were racist idiots with tiny genitals and said that was just something spread round by Muslims.