‘The media’ reported it you just didn’t bother looking, morons told

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People who share clickbait stories featuring the words “And the media aren’t reporting it!” are too lazy and stupid to use Google for ten seconds to see if that’s true, according to a story the media won’t report.

The suppressed story DESTROYS the way sneaky mainstream media outlets hide breaking news by making people actually visit their sites to see if the story is actually there.

Angry morons are reminded that ‘reported’ and ‘appeared in your feed’ are actually different things.

Conspiracy theorist and all-round annoying nutjob Simon Williams defended his claims that ‘The media aren’t reporting this’ by saying he spends his time posting important text-on-a-picture memes and it is the responsibility of ‘the mainstream media’ to come to his house with paperwork to prove they’ve reported things he thinks important.

“If it’s not on my twitter feed it can’t be said to have happened,” he told us.

“Why should I have look any further than that to see is what I’m sharing is actually ‘true’?

“Yeah, I know. It’s all ‘Google this and fact-check that’, but I’m a busy man and the ten seconds it would take me to check if there’s any truth whatsoever in the link I just posted could be more valuably spent doing something else.

“What is ‘truth’, anyway? If you ask me, people have had enough of ‘experts’.”