Donald Trump praised for performance in Nuremberg 2: This Time It’s Islam

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The long-awaited sequel to the Nuremberg Rally has gone down a storm with people who like that kind of thing.

Donald Trump’s “Nuremberg 2: This Time It’s Islam” has been hailed by critics as containing the kind of courageous lunacy that hasn’t been seen since Hitler popped on a pair of strongly heeled shoes and stepped up to the podium.

“Hitler will doubtless be looking up and smiling,” confirmed historian, Simon Williams.

“Nobody thought that anybody would ever top the Nuremberg Rally in terms of crowd numbers, lies and utter, objective madness. And certainly nobody thought it would be some knob off of The Apprentice.

“The Hitler-esque beats were all in place, right down to the stupid haircut and intensely punchable face.

“Frankly, all that was missing was a signature salute of some kind, but I guess flipping the bird at any passing Mexican is kind of a salute if you really reach for it.”

Sane individuals worldwide, meanwhile, are hoping the only other aspect of Hitler’s life that Trump copies is the bit where he locks himself in an underground bunker with one of the many, many legally available firearms.