American Police to improve efficiency with regulated monthly cull of black men

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Police forces across America are to organise a regulated, monthly cull of black men as a more efficient means of reaching their dead black men targets.

“Frankly, this sort of ad-hoc gunning down of black men is just taking up far too much time,” said New York Police Commissioner William Bratton.

“Listen, US police killed over 1,100 young black men last year alone. I mean, when you’re looking at those sort of numbers, you’ve got to have a plan.”

It is understood that the cull will take the form of a monthly lottery where 100 black men across America will be selected at random to report to their local police department where they will be mercilessly gunned down.

“It’s just common sense,” continued Commissioner Bratton.

“The victims get a week or so to put their affairs in order; we get them to fill in some of the mandatory paperwork, which will take a whole mess of work off our guys.

“Even that won’t be too onerous; Name, address, reason for being culled. Actually, thinking about it, we don’t need that last one, it’s not like anyone seems to care why it’s happening.”

If successful, it is expected the cull will be widened to include both Latino and Muslim men.

It is understood that the cull will be mandatory and black men who refuse to participate will be shot dead.