Man ‘not keen’ on Ghostbusters despite ‘quite liking women generally’

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A man has confessed that he doesn’t much care for the new Ghostbusters film, despite not hating all women.

Simon Williams, a non-misogynist from Basildon, said, “I just wasn’t that keen on it, to be honest.

“It’s not the female cast; I’m just not a big fan of reboots. If you want to write a script about four wise-cracking New York scientists battling the paranormal, then write it and face the hit when everyone calls it derivative.

“If you write a script about a socially-awkward but brilliant detective and his average-Joe sidekick, everyone knows you’ve ripped off Sherlock Holmes. If you call it a reboot or an om-marge, everyone loses their shit and you get an Emmy.

“Unfortunately, me thinking this film is a lazy cash-in on other people’s ideas puts me on the same side of the argument as some of the very worst people in the world.

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“It’s like Brexit all over again.”

Mr Williams also tiptoed reluctantly into the racism row surrounding one of the film’s stars.

“The racist abuse Leslie Jones took was horrendous. Those bigoted little shits must have had to wipe clear a window in the phlegm and other fluids on their computer screens, just so that they could see the hate they were typing.

“But separate from that, I thought the character Leslie Jones was asked to play was a lazy racial stereotype. Her character was so one-dimensionally black it could’ve been played by Martin Lawrence.

“But saying that out loud feels like siding I’m with a lot of the arseholes out there. So it’s complicated.”

Colleagues have told Mr Williams to “get off the shitting fence and just love or hate the film based only on your opinion of women.”

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