Twitter somehow doing just fine without Milo Yiannopoulos

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Social network Twitter is doing just fine, thank you very much, despite banning right-wing conservative and proponent of hate speech Milo Yiannopoulos.

Milo was banned last night after the concerted effort to abuse Ghostbusters’ Leslie Jones finally drew a light towards his special brand of ‘social commentary’.

However, despite Milo and his army of followers claiming this is the end for Twitter, many users of the platform claim that it appears to be doing perfectly well without him.

Twitter user @SimonWilliams68 told us, “I saw someone write that banning Milo would be the end of Twitter, but so far it seems to be doing ok.

“Well, maybe the block button is getting a little less attention, but apart from that, it all looks good to me.

Meanwhile, right-wing mouthpiece Louise Mensch has demanded a congressional investigation, insisting that Twitter should be a place for the sort of hate-filled rhetoric that she needs to get her up in the morning.

“Without Milo doing what Milo does, how will I know what to think about all of the things?” she asked.

A Twitter spokesperson told us, “Banning Milo has been a really useful exercise, with hundreds of Milo acolytes pointing out other examples of hate-speech for us to ban next.

“For some unknown reason, they think showing us other examples of awful things on our platform is going to make us think ‘yes, we want more of this on here’, and bring Milo back, rather than just move us to ban those users as well – they’re not the brightest lot, to be honest.

“We strongly suggest that if you want to assert your right to hate-filled speech, you continue to do so on the platform that was invented specifically for you – street corners and loudspeakers.”