Man furious as Ghostbusters remake gets good reviews and makes money

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Man Simon Williams has vented his fury today after learning that the Ghostbusters remake has earned generally positive reviews and appears to be making money.

Williams has spoken for months about how the film will be rubbish and not funny in any way whatsoever after watching a 157-second trailer, an opinion he claims has nothing to do with an inherent distaste for women being Ghostbusters.

He went on to explain his position, telling us, “Well, first of all I said remaking it would ruin the beloved memory of the original movie, until all of the original cast came out and said they liked it.

“Then I said that after reviewing the trailer in detail it was obviously a crap movie and would be slated by every single film critic that saw it, until the reviews came out and were mostly positive.

“Then I said it was so bad it would definitely fail at the box office, until it had the biggest opening weekend of any live-action comedy for a year.

“So, right now, I’m back to just saying that having women ghostbusters is bullshit, which let’s be honest, we all know was my real problem with it in the first place.

“Yes they are, shut up.”