BT Internet outage blamed on creepy ginger student

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The loss of Internet for millions of BT customers has been blamed on a creepy student trying to watch his housemate in the bath.

The student, known only as SW, had spent the afternoon binge watching Man In The High Castle ‘because he liked the uniforms’ before trying to anonymously route a webcam through Azerbaijan to avoid detection.

This action is believed to have knocked out web coverage to almost half the country which is going to be really hard to explain to BT, his housemates, the police, and his mum.

SW often claims to be ‘great with computers’, but according to sources is actually doing a Women’s Studies degree to try and meet girls.

It is not the first time SW’s antics have led to catastrophe after he blacked out North Korea last year while working in a TalkTalk tech support call centre during the holidays.

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SW’s housemates insist they are only sharing with him as they got places during clearing and everywhere else was full.

BT have announced they’ll have the whole thing up and running again as soon as they’ve figured out how to stop the live stream of his housemate ‘doing that thing with the rubber duck’.

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