Man finally reaches his goal weight after travelling six stops on Central Line

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London commuter Simon Williams has finally reached his goal weight after travelling between Oxford Circus and Liverpool Street on the Central Line.

Williams, 37, has wanted to get down to twelve and a half stone for nearly five years, after claiming he would get back to his ‘university weight’ in time for summer 2011.

However, after a brief trip to Oxford Street in his lunch hour, Williams has managed to ditch that final troublesome stone and a half that he has found so difficult to shed.

Williams told his colleagues, “I’ve finally done it, twelve stone seven. So in your FACE to all those people who said I’d have to cut down on drinking and take-away meals.

“All it really needed was twenty minutes of subterranean travel on the hottest day of the year. Who knew?”

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Williams then began taking off all of his clothes and hallucinating, before drinking from an imaginary water fountain on the pavement.

Paramedics on the scene explained that the dangerously dehydrated Williams should recover fully by the weekend, at which point he will invariably be back to fourteen stone.