Life was hard as a black woman growing up in America, says Donald Trump’s wife

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Melania Trump has described the struggles she’s had to overcome as a black woman growing up in America, in a totally original and heartfelt speech.

The would-be First Lady from Slovenia told the Republican Convention: “I was born a poor black woman in South Side Chicago. I overcame the tremendous obstacles of race and gender prejudices to attend Princeton University and then Harvard Law School.

“Later I met my husband, a talented and brilliant man whose dream it was to become the first US President of his colour – orange.”

When it was put to the Trump campaign team that large parts of the speech seemed to resemble Michelle Obama’s life, a spokesman said, “This is typical of the politically correct media who keep trying to make people stick to the ‘facts’, whatever they are.

“People like to hear a story of struggle, it plays well, and Melania, a struggling former supermodel, identifies with it, so isn’t that what matters at the end of the day?

“Who are you to tell her that she is or isn’t from South Side Chicago? We won’t be releasing her birth certificate as she doesn’t have to prove anything.”

Outside the convention, the speech was well received by Republican voters.

Simon Williams said, “It’s about time we got away from the billionaire politicians running this country and appoint someone who has grown up in the face of poverty and prejudice, just like Donald and Melania Trump.”