Brexit wanker invokes EU guidelines over office temperatures

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Anti-EU fanatic, Simon Williams, claims there is an EU law which allows him to go home early if it’s too hot.

Williams has been monitoring today’s temperature closely on his iPhone and emailed his boss when the temperature inched above twenty-five degrees.

The 37-year-old IT worker blames suffocating temperatures and poor ventilation for the fact that none of his bug fixes have passed testing.

Despite voting to Leave and insisting the EU is basically Hitler, Williams invoked EU article 89/654/EEC which sets out guidelines on comfortable workplace temperatures and the kind of cunts who moan about them.

The father of two plans to stage a mass walk-out if his demands aren’t taken seriously.

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Colleague Diane Franks said, “It was the same last winter when the office temperature briefly dropped below thirteen degrees before the heating kicked in.

“He was sat there in a scarf, asserting his rights under Directive 92/675/EEC, which states that employees have reasonable grounds to withhold labour if they experience any of the symptoms of hypothermia, such as numbness of the fingers.”

She added, “I suggested he should take his complaint to the union, but he thinks they should be banned.”