Biscuits without chocolate pretty much the same thing as vegetables

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Healthy eaters are celebrating the news that biscuits without chocolate on them are as close to being vegetables as makes no difference.

Everyone knows that the chocolate is the unhealthy bit, and biscuits are made of all kinds of natural stuff like oats, flour, milk, partially inverted sugar syrup and Sodium Metabisulphate.

And the jam in Jammy Dodgers is totally made of fruit, which is another of your five a day if you think about it.

“I am on a bit of a healthy eating kick at the minute,” NewsThump office temp Simone Williams told us.

“My dietician told me that if I felt hungry I should snack on broccoli florets, but Hobnobs are almost identical I reckon.

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“Plain ones, obviously. Can you imagine broccoli with chocolate on it? That would be stupid!”, she laughed whilst opening another packet.

Scientists have confirmed that to maintain a balanced diet, carrots may be replaced with Rich Tea and Cafe Noir make an ideal lettuce substitute in most salads.

However, dieters are reminded that Bourbon Creams contain chocolate and should be avoided as they’re not enough like healthy vegetables.