“When I were a lad we had to catch our own pokemon”, says Grandad

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A grandad thinks you’ll be interested in how kids today are doing it wrong, we can reveal.

When he was a lad ‘the youth’ had to make the own entertainment and it was better than this new-fangled ‘technology telephone’ crap, you can be sure of that.

And they had to play outside, unless you’re outside catching Pokemon, in which case he would have been inside reading a book.

After further investigation, we discovered that literally nothing you can do will make him happy so you’re better off not wasting your time.

“We had to catch our own pokemons without any help. Just with a net,” he told us.

“And if we caught too many, my dad used to put them in a bag and drown them in a canal.

“But we were happier without any of this new rubbish. Now go and play in a manner that I can comprehend and accept. Quietly.

“God, I’m so lonely,”  he added.