Monday 18 July 2016

Nostradamus loses credibility after predicting 2016 would be ‘really quiet’

2016 Nostradamus

French soothsayer, Nostradamus, has been widely discredited after the 2016 section of Les Propheties suggested nothing much was going to happen.

Experts have reviewed the text of his most famous tome and insist that it is beyond doubt that Nostradamus predicted a 2016 entirely bereft of incident or turmoil.

Historian Simon Williams told us, “Sure, he got the Great Fire of London right, he predicted the rise of Hitler and the September 11th World Trade Centre attack, and he even predicted the death of Princess Diana, but you’ve got to start thinking they were just lucky guesses when he was so far off the mark about this year.

“We’ve checked the transcript, and even allowing for mistranslations there are absolutely no mentions whatsoever of all the celebrity deaths, the rise of Donald Trump, Brexit, terrorist attacks, the rise of Theresa May, or losing David Bowie.

“How difficult would it be to write a short chapter explaining that in 2016 the shit is really going to start hitting the fan?

“There’s just so much stuff he didn’t see.  I’m beginning to question if he could ever see the future at all.

“But if he could see the future then there might cause for concern, as he seems to think 2017 is going to much worse than this year…”

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