Lorry drivers who don’t condemn Nice attacks all IS sympathisers, claims Daily Mail

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Lorry drivers who have yet to publicly register their condemnation of the Nice attacks are all IS sympathisers laughing in the face of western values, according to the Daily Mail.

Lorry drivers across the UK have reacted with shock at the allegations, accusing the ‘newspaper’ of needlessly attempting to create further division amongst groups of people up and down the country.

A spokesman for the UK Lorry Drivers Association, Simon Williams, said the suggestion of an allegiance to ISIS was as misplaced as a Cliff Richard vinyl in an Ibiza nightclub.

“We thought it was obvious to everyone that 99.999999% of lorry drivers would share nothing but disgust at the horrific events in Nice, and offer their most sincere condolences to those affected by the brutal attack,” he told us.

“So we feel being publicly accused of sympathising with ISIS for failing to publicly and visibly air our revulsion at a perpetrator with whom the only thing we have in common is our mode of transport is preposterous.

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“It’s like holding an entire religion accountable for the actions of individuals choosing to hijack peace-loving doctrines for their own ends.

“One must also remember some of the victims were themselves lorry drivers, as well as car drivers.”

Daily Mail editor, Paul Dacre, believes the silence from many lorry drivers highlights the deep divisions in the communities in which they reside.

Dacre explained, “Aggravating an already volatile situation by refusing to acknowledge the root cause of social issues, and doing so in an opportunistic fashion reads like a job description for the role of Daily Mail columnist.

“When can they start?”

I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader)

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