Racists looking forward to several weeks of being openly racist

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Following another horrific terrorist attack, racists across the world are looking forward to being openly racist for a good few weeks.

“Whilst I deplore the loss of life in attacks such as these,” began carpet-comber and racist Simon Williams, “I do look forward to a month or so of pontificating about ‘those bloody Muslims’ in pubs, shopping centres and 5live phone-ins.

“I’ll probably also take the opportunity to stink up some on-line forums and wheel out phrases like ‘Muslim-apologist’ and ‘libtard’.

“It gives me something to do between wondering what it’s like to talk to girls and crying over my improbably small penis.”

It is understood that Britain First are probably going to attempt some sort of ‘march’ just as soon as their members master walking upright.

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The online right wing group issued a statement earlier this morning that read “Muslins is fukkin the poof bad. @lsdf999-ZZZZZzzz;”

Donald Trump was one of the first racists to comment on the attack asking ‘when will we learn?’ a disturbingly open statement that has led many to assume it prefaces another announcement of a breathtakingly stupid plan like sending Muslims to the Moon, or to Westeros.

It is understood that ISIS are considering issuing a statement of thanks to racists around the globe for helping sow the seeds of division that they so readily seek.

But they’ll probably just blow something up instead, as that always seems to get the racists doing their job for them.

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