‘Guess Who?’ Tory Cabinet Edition tops sales charts

author avatar by 7 years ago

A new licensed version of popular game ‘Tory Cabinet Guess Who?’ from MP games is proving a hit with game players everywhere.

The object of the game is to flip down the majority of the 330 plastic ‘doors’, the winner being the first person with the right amount of people left to form a cabinet.

To limit the available MPs, suggested questions include: ‘Is he a backstabbing bastard of the highest order?’, ‘Has he fucked the NHS?’ and ‘Is he a floppy-haired clown?’

There is then a second, optional, phase of the game where each of the remaining people can be given roles within the cabinet, including ‘Chancellor’, ‘Foreign Secretary’ and ‘Utter, utter cunt who’ll fuck something up, somewhere along the line’.

The game is rated 18.

After initial feedback from players, the producers of the game have started to release game boards with the Michael Gove door already broken off and thrown away, to save you the trouble doing it yourself.

A travel edition is also available but only for the Liberal Democrat party.