Theresa May to appoint Bootsy Collins Minister of Funk

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New Prime Minister Theresa May has announced the newly created Ministry of Funk and Funkiness will be headed up by legendary Funkadelic bassist Bootsy Collins.

“It was important that we picked the funkiest person alive for the post of Minister of Funk,” said an advisor to Mrs May.

“And as Phillip Hammond had already been appointed Chancellor, we turned to Bootsy who was happy to accept.”

Mrs May has long been of the opinion that the modern Conservative party his not nearly as funky as it could be and has been outspoken in her campaign to change that.

It is understood that Mrs May hopes to be remembered as Britain’s most funky Prime Minister since William Pitt the younger.

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Bootsy will begin putting together the key personnel in the ministry of funk and funkiness and has already turned to George Clinton, Betty Davis the whole of Earth, Wind and Fire.

The Dazz Band are said to be livid not to have been asked and are considering offering their services to Jeremy Corbyn as Shadow Ministers of Funk.

The business of Government starts for Bootsy on Monday and his first policy implementation will be to introduce a Parliamentary dress code of hot pants, boob tubes and giant spangly top hats.