‘Southern Rail Go’ augmented-reality app to let delayed commuters catch virtual trains

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‘Southern Rail Go’ aims to calm frustrated commuters who are fed up with their train not arriving by allowing them to ‘catch’ virtual trains that pass their station.

The app allows users to view a virtual train arriving at their platform on time, upon which their avatar can be ‘flicked’, and set off to arrive punctually at their destination.

In a dramatic turn of events, Southern Rail board members diverted all budgeting for staff recruitment and service improvement towards developing the multi-million-pound augmented reality application.

Charles Horton, Southern Rail CEO, added “Pokemon Go has been such a huge success, it would be brainless not to invest in augmented-reality apps.

“We’ve truly fucked up everything else, so we’ve decided to invest our money where we can provide a reliable service that everyone enjoys!”

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Shortly after launch, users have reported severe delays to their virtual trains.

Virtual staff appear to have become self-aware, holding virtual strikes and experiencing high levels of sickness.

Users’ avatars have also reportedly experienced discomfort in crowded carriages, whilst some have even been fired from their virtual jobs.