Wednesday 13 July 2016 by Neil Tollfree

MP tributes to Cameron fail to include ‘You f**ked our country, you ham-faced c**t’

MP tributes to Cameron

Defying all expectations, none of the tributes paid to David Cameron at Prime Minister’s questions contained the phrase – ‘You f**ked our country, you ham-faced c**t.’

“It’s definitely a shock,” said BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg.

“Certainly, across the country the abiding memory of David Cameron will be that he was a ham-faced c**t.

“Add to that the fact that by holding a referendum on EU membership, he f**ked the country, and I think it is definitely a major surprise that none of the MP’s tributes contained the phrase – ‘You f**ked our country, you ham-faced c**t’.

David Cameron’s final PMQs was a jocular affair in which he cracked jokes and received warm wishes instead of just spending half an hour saying ‘I’m very, very sorry,’ as may people had assumed he would.

MPs from all corners of the house paid tribute to Mr Cameron but left experts baffled with the lack of expletives.

“Prick, sh*thead, cock-bongo, nob-neck, f**kstick, arsecandle, tw*t-face, fart-monger, King of the bellends, penis-breath, and f**king shiney, shiney c**ty-chops were all phrases that we were expecting to hear today,” said Ms Kuenssberg.

“I have yet to hear a reasonable explanation as to why we didn’t.”

After Prime Minister’s Question Mr Cameron went straight to Buckingham Palace to allow the Queen a good 20 minutes of shouting ‘You f**ked my country, you ham-faced c**t’ at him

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