Success at Wimbledon a direct result of Brexit, claim supporters

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The unprecedented success of three British players at Wimbledon this year wouldn’t have happened without Brexit, claim supporters.

“We’ve received a lot of bad press since the referendum,” said leading Brexit campaigner Iain Duncan Smith.

“But the fact remains that since the Brexit vote, we have had the most successful year for Great Britain at Wimbledon in living memory.

“This is only the beginning as well; I guarantee that once article 50 is triggered, we will sweep the board at next year’s Wimbledon.”

Mr Duncan-Smith went on to hail Britain’s sporting success since the referendum.

“Lewis Hamilton winning the Grand Prix yesterday, Wales reaching their first semi-finals of a major football tournament, you can’t tell me that would have happened with Great Britain still trapped under the corrupt Brussels yoke.

“In fact, if we’d triggered Article 50 immediately, I firmly believe that England would have gone on to win the tournament, instead of crapping out early like a pathetic bunch of Boris quitters.”

While the sporting success of Brexit has been self-evident, Mr Duncan-Smith was keen to point out that there has been all manner of post-Brexit good news.

“The weather’s been nicer, Adele did her triumphant set at Glastonbury, and even the hole in the Ozone layer is closing.

“All because of Brexit.

“I bet those Stronger In Europe folk are feeling pretty foolish now.”