Property values rocket in areas with a Pokemon Gym

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Having a nearby Pokemon Go! Gym has a greater effect on house prices than a good school or low crime rates, according to estate agents today.

A gym within five minutes walking distance can add up to 12.8% to the value of a house, whilst one flat which had a Mewtwo appear on the balcony during a viewing saw a bidding war take the asking price over 40% higher.

Meanwhile, post-Brexit falls in London property prices have been more than offset by the British government dropping Lure Modules in premium areas of Kensington and Mayfair to attract international investors.

The rapid escalation of house prices in favoured areas has seen Team Rocket take advantage of their name and open an estate agency, called “Gotta Sell Them All”.

“Hey, we’re the bad guys and we’re not shy about it so becoming Estate Agents was a natural step. It was that or Insurance Telesales,” said Rocket member Jessie.

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“Can I interest you in a duplex apartment? I can guarantee, like, literally hundreds of Pidgeys and Charmanders.

“No, there’s no chance of a Pinsir appearing in the bidet. Do you think we’d be selling it if there was?”

When we tried to ask more questions, Jessie told us that Magicarp had appeared in the middle of a busy road and suggested we went and chased it.