Nigel Farage demands to see Theresa May’s birth certificate

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Nigel Farage has demanded to see Theresa May’s birth certificate in case she was born in Bongo-Bongo-land or something.

The former UKIP leader has described his concerns as ‘Just saying what people are thinking’ when he suggested that the new Prime Minister may not be of pure-born British stock and people had a right to know.

If the new Prime Minister has nothing to hide then she has nothing to fear by making the document public, he told reporters, but it’s telling that she has not as yet responded to to suggestions she was actually born in ‘Towelheadistan’.

He went on to claim that his behaviour was vital to maintaining the dignity of the office and was a part of making Britain Great Again.

The questions follow a minor scandal during the leadership election when it was revealed that Michael Gove was not born in Camberwick Green as he had always claimed, but in fact hailed from Chigley.

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“I’m just asking questions,” said Farage, blithely ignoring that by asking the question he introduced the insinuation to discourse.

“How do we know she wasn’t born in Kenya or something? I’m not saying she was, but it’s important people are certain.

“Wake up, sheeple!” he concluded.