Millions of Brexiteers join UK’s first Smug Pride march

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Millions of Brexit supporters have joined a march in support of the fact that they won, and you didn’t, and you need to suck it up buttercup.

As the last of the high-profile Leave campaigners admitted defeat in her attempts to glean any sort of personal success from taking the country out of the EU, those who voted to Leave said this is definitely what they wanted all along.

Leave voter and thoroughly nice individual Simon Williams said, “I’m here today with hundreds of thousands of my fellow smug Leave voters, gloating in the face of every Libtard out there, rubbing their noses right in it.

“What ‘it’ is, I’m not sure, but it doesn’t matter what you say about so-called ‘facts’ like the plunging pound, the Bank of England having to step in to help and inward investment falling off a cliff – it doesn’t matter because we won.

“That means I’m right, and you’re wrong, so you can shove your economic arguments up your EU-loving hoop.

“You lot just need to stop crying about it and accept that we are just better than you in every single way imaginable.”

Psychologist Maxwell Landing told us that the smug pride march was just their way of celebrating the sort of person that they are, instead of conforming and behaviour the way ‘normal’ people expect.

He explained, “You don’t learn to be smug, you don’t choose it – you were born that way.

“So rather than try and hide it for the sake so-called ‘societal norms’, why not embrace it and take pride in who you are?

“Just knowing that being smug is ‘normal’ will allow those people lead the sort of lives they were always capable of.

“How will you know if someone you love is smug? Oh don’t worry, they’ll find a way to show you.”