Andrea Leadsom to feature as monster in latest Pokemon game

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The makers of the new Pokemon game have announced 3 new monsters; Tapu Koko, Salandit, and Andrea Leadsom.

“We’re really excited about these new monsters,” said designer Satoshi Tajiri.

“Salandit is a cool new lizard who emits toxic gas, Tapu Koko is an electric fairy and Andrew Leadsom is a hateful Tory.”

Sajiri-san went on to describe the Andrea Leadsom Pokemon’s method of attack.

“She’s a bile-based Pokemon who has a fierce special attack move.

“When triggered, the Andrea Leadsom returns to an idealised Great Britain of the 1950s from where she spews hateful prejudice and nasty personal insults at her enemies.”

The Andrea Leadsom Pokemon will have some of the game’s highest ratings in the homophobia, racism, and bigotry categories but will be quite weak in the political nous and likability categories.

She will be quite difficult to collect, however.

“Ah, yes,” continued Tajiri-san, “The Andrea Leadsom Pokemon can only be found in a few wealthy villages in the game, she will rarely venture into inner-city centres and hates more than anything travelling abroad.”

It is expected that a new Theresa May monster will be announced with powers to remove her enemies’ human rights who will be able to counter all the Andrea Leadsom Pokemon’s attacks and ultimately defeat her.