Andrea Leadsom ‘disgusted’ by accurate report of things that she said

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Conservative leadership candidate Andrea Leadsom has said she is “disgusted” by a newspaper article that accurately reporting words that she said.

The Times quoted Mrs Leadsom as saying having children gives ‘a very real stake in the future of our country’ because it was a sentence that she had said in the presence of an interviewer several hours beforehand.

“I am so angry,” said Ms Leadsom.

“Just because I said faintly appalling things about how women not being Mums are a bit shit, it doesn’t mean that those things should be accurately reported on the front page of a national newspaper.

“It’s the worst gutter journalism I’ve ever seen.”

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The paper headlined its front-page lead story ‘Being a mother gives me edge on May – Leadsom,’ which, although not a direct quote, summarised a conversation that had taken place between Ms Leadsom and a journalist.

Ms Leadsom insisted that although she had definitely said that she had children and Theresa May didn’t, she was in no way trying to make the point that she had children and Theresa May didn’t.

It is understood that Ms Leadsom will try and set the record straight in a self-penned article entitled ‘Theresa May’s got a shitty womb’.

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