We won, get over it, explains Brexiteer daubing paint on immigrant’s house

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A racist moron has insisted he is well within his rights to daub ‘go home’ on an immigrant’s house after explaining that he won the referendum and that this is all legal now.

Borderline simpleton Trevor Williams was stopped midway through his daubing by a passer-by who challenged him on his behaviour.

He told them, “We won, just get over it libtard! This is what we do no, we voted for it, so it’s allowed – and it’s the law that says that!”

When it was pointed out that this, in fact, is not the law, and that nobody voted to abuse immigrants and send them home, Williams continued, “Well I did, and I won, so I’m right and everything I say and believe in is now right.

“If you want to say that I’m wrong then I’ll just call the police and he can lock you up with all those other libtards who should be being rounded up right about now.

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“Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a Halal butcher I need to firebomb.”