Hipster prick wearing some sort of f*cking romper suit now

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A local prick has taken to wearing some sort of adult f**king romper suit to visit the nearby hipster vibe-hole for an over-priced froth-based cup of liquid that tastes faintly of coffee.

Simon Williams is a local hipster who, one would assume, spends his days sat in front of an expensive Apple laptop drawing logos for hyper-corporate multi-national bastards and calls that ‘a living’.

“It’s a sartorial comment on the infantilization of modern society,” said Mr Williams through his prick face.

Mr Williams was first spotted in his pale pink f**king romper suit at the beginning of the week as he paraded down the high street like a giant, bearded prick-baby.

The sight led many to abject despair.

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“Christ almighty, it’s bloody awful isn’t it,” said one onlooker.

“What with Brexit, the England football team and now this prick in a f**king romper suit, it’s enough to make you move to New Zealand or go on a killing spree or something.”

A worrying number of reports of other hipster pricks wearing f**king romper suits have started to come in from around the country with concentrations in Brighton, Hebden Bridge and Shoreditch.

The Government has no official position on hipster pricks wearing f**king romper suits, but it is understood that if Andrea Leadsom becomes Prime Minister, she’ll put a stop to this sort of nonsense immediately.