Guardiola excited by challenge of building team on shoe-string budget

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New Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has been unveiled to the press, explaining that he’s excited by the prospect of proving his credentials by building a side without any money.

Speaking at a press conference at Manchester City’s palatial training centre, Guardiola spoke of his excitement at his new role.

He explained, “I have come here with a reputation for only being able to build successful teams by using incredible resources and spending vast amounts of money, and I aim to change that.

“What better way to show the world that I am a world-class coach that doesn’t need a huge transfer budget and to the sort of facilities that only billionaires can afford, than by becoming the manager of Manchester City.

“In the coming months and years you will see what I am capable of, all while spending no money and using the meagre resources afforded to me here in Manchester.”

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“It will take this rag-tag team of nobodies and shape them into a formidable unit on the pitch.

“I will have you all cheering for us underdogs by Christmas, you just wait and see.”