Marvel’s new ‘black teenage’ Ironman to be shot by white policeman

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Marvel Comics have revealed that the new Ironman will be a black teenage girl, who will be shot by a white police officer in the first issue.

15-year-old Riri Williams will take on the iconic role when Tony Stark hangs up his boots, before being shot several times by an officer who felt ‘threatened’ when the car she is travelling in is pulled over for a bust tail light.

The awarding of the role to a black teenager – even for just one issue – is seen as a positive step for race relations in the United States.

A spokesperson for Marvel explained, “We’re glad to give this role to a black female teenager, and we think her powerful – though very brief – storyline is one with which many black teenagers across America will be able to identify.

“She’s a bright, academically gifted student who has never been in trouble her entire life, but who for some unknown reason isn’t well liked by the white policeman that pulls them over.

“I won’t spoil what happens next, needless to say, the policeman is currently suspended pending an investigation.”

Marvel were then asked who is likely to follow the now-deceased Riri Williams as the techno-suited superhero.

The spokesperson went on, “The next Ironman? Probably a white male, because of the longer projected lifespan and all that – we have the franchise to think about.”