Chilcot two weeks too late reminding Britain not to act on dodgy intelligence and no plan

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The Chilcot report has reminded Britain not to rush into anything based on dodgy intelligence and without a backup plan, but about two weeks too late.

The report, which looked into the causes and effects of the Iraq war, concluded that while nobody actually lied, they did ignore warnings of serious aftereffects if there wasn’t a proper plan in advance, which seems a little ironic right now for some reason.

Chilcot specifically highlighted that jumping with both feet without adequate preparation had turned out, with the benefit of hindsight, to have been an extremely flawed thing to do.

One volume also criticised the intelligence on which the decision to go to war was based, saying that dodgy dossiers are bad, but at least no-one put the spurious claims on the side of a bus.

“I don’t see what relevance this has to anything right now,” said enthusiastic Internet commenter and convenient strawman Simon Williams.

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“Obviously, a complete worked out, and coherent exit strategy was utterly vital to British interests in Iraq, as otherwise, the risk of a catastrophic shitshow ensuing was far too great to ignore.

“The people who acted without any idea of what would happen next are criminals and should be prosecuted if you ask me.”

Mr Williams went on to say that only a complete moron could have failed to see that.

“Why, yes”, he added.

“I did vote Leave. What’s that got to do with anything? It’ll all be fine, you’ll see.”