Liam Fox loses Tory race but bags George Foreman grill, magazine subscription

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Despite failing to win the Conservative leadership nomination, a cheery Liam Fox declared himself ‘well up on Tuesday,’ having won a popular electrical appliance and a subscription to ‘The Puzzler’ in separate competitions.

“I love contests and giveaways, and try to go in for everything that I can find,” said the former Secretary of State for Defence.

“I didn’t get the Conservative Party this time, but the ‘Puzzler’ is a good read, and the George Foreman grill is a damn fine piece of kit. The fat just runs away off the meat, like magic.

“Although to be honest, I already have three,” he added. “I’ll probably sell this one on Ebay.”

Conservative Leadership

Dr Fox refused to be downhearted after polling just sixteen votes from fellow MP’s.

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“I always cut out the coupon when the Conservative leadership thing comes around, and if you don’t ask, you don’t get,” he insisted.

“It wasn’t my day, but I did really well on the jumbo word search to get the magazine.”

The right-wing MP bagged the electrical grill by reviewing an LG tumble-dryer on Kelkoo.

“You win some; you lose some – that’s the competition game,” he said.

“I’d say ‘you kiss a lot of frogs,’ but you wouldn’t, would you? They smell of garlic, and they’re always on strike.”

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