Actually it was *Advanced* Dungeons and Dragons that I played, clarifies Gove

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Michael Gove has this morning angrily clarified press reports that he played Dungeons and Dragons by pointing out it was actually Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

The Tory leadership hopeful scoffed at ‘low quality’ press reporting of his time playing Dungeons and Dragons at school, pointing out that there’s no way he could have made a roll to seduce a Succubus under the Basic rules set.

Gove said it was shocking that a professional reporter could have failed to miss that Advanced Dungeons and Dragons had three core rulebooks – the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s guide and Monster Manual – whereas the Basic D&D set had only one rulebook in a red box with a dragon on the front.

“The differences between Basic and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons couldn’t be clearer and the press coverage of this whole subject has been an absolute debacle,” he told us.

“They said I played a Gnome Illusionist, when clearly that would have been entirely against the rules of the Basic set.

“They could easily have figured that out by reading three or four years of back issues of White Dwarf Magazine.

“Of course, that would be White Dwarf from back when they covered proper games like D&D and Runequest.”

When asked how he rated his chances of winning the leadership of his Party, Gove said that if Grizingir the Barbarian could roll a natural twenty against Tiamat the Dragon, so could he.