Everyone wondering which aspect of Brexit Chris Evans is running from

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Chris Evans has quit his job to avoid his Brexit responsibilities, presumably.

The shouty TV presenter quit his job on Top Gear this afternoon, prompting the public to speculate exactly which aspect of the UK’s exit from the EU he was responsible for.

“Maybe triggering Article 50 was down to him all along,” speculated politico, Simon Williams.

“I mean it might as well have been; nobody else is touching it with a shitty stick.

“He must be leaving to avoid the implications of Brexit. It can’t be something as simple as giving up on a TV show because everyone hates your version of it.

“I mean it is dreadful. I watched it once and then just started crying.”

Matt Le Blanc was unavailable for comment at the time of publication, but is said to be campaigning to become the new host of Top Gear after saying that Boris Johnson was not fit for the job.